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We want to connect people in the Trier region, provide them with valuable content and entertain them in an impressive way. That's why we create spaces for encounters, communication and networking for you with our outstanding and groundbreaking trade fairs and events.

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We design and realize both our own and third-party exhibitions, markets, trade fairs, conferences and events of all kinds in Trier and Luxembourg. In addition, we operate self-developed online platforms and services for the communication and design of individual event projects.

We are leuchtturmartig.

We don't believe that the wheel has to be reinvented, but we are convinced that we can improve it. That's why we always rely on our groundbreaking courage, outstanding creativity, professional expertise and experience in the conception, organisation and implementation of events.

leuchtturmartig Geschäftsführer Christoph Bredemeyer

Christoph Bredemeyer


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